Beware of Dragon Den's Bitcoin Trader

What is Dragon Den's Bitcoin Trader?

Dragons Den is a reality television program where investors and entrepreneurs meet. Investors can decide, if they wish, to invest a certain amount of money in the entrepreneurs project.

Some people are using the name of Dragons Den to promote a fake version of Bitcoin trader.

Where to find Dragon Den's Bitcoin Trader?

The only way to find it is via online ads. Dragon Den's Bitcoin Trader can't be find from search engines, because it is banned by search engines.

How Dragon Den's is used to promote Bitcoin Trader?

The answer is simple; They pretend that Bitcoin Trader is a software created by a Dragon Den Entrepreneur and that the Dragon Den Investors have invested in the so called "Dragon Den Bitcoin Trader" project.

Of course this not true and it is a big scam.

In fact after opening an account with the Dragon Den Bitcoin Trader the user is redirected to a random broker. There is in fact no service offered at all!

The Original Bitcoin Trader

The only Original Bitcoin Trader is the one we offer and it is free.

It offers a complete Auto Trader Software. It permits to auto trade and trade manually on several crypto brokers.

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