Beware of Alan Sugar's Bitcoin Trader

We have already warned about scammers using celebrities to promote a fake version of Bitcoin Trader. Alan Sugar is just another one to add to that list.

What is Alan Sugar's Bitcoin Trader

Alan Sugar has warned people against this scams using his name, advising them to stay away from them.

He Twitted: "WARNING: Please ignore an advert from Bitcointrader suggesting I endorse their offerings. They are SCUM it is a total scam. Please pass this on to all your friends particularly the elderly who are falling for this terrible scam."

Where to find Alan Sugar's Bitcoin Trader?

The only way to find it is via online ads. Alan Sugar's Bitcoin Trader can't be find from search engines, because Google and Bing have banned it.

How Alan Sugar is used to promote Bitcoin Trader

They use exactly the same method that is used by the Dragon Den Bitcoin Trader.

They pretend that Alan Sugar, the business magnate, told that the Bitcoin is the Future.

Of course this not true and it is a big scam.

In fact after, if you open an account on one of these 'Alan Sugar Bitcoin Trader' you will just be signed up to a random broker and redirected to it. There is no software on the back!

The Original Bitcoin Trader

The only Original Bitcoin Trader is the one we offer and it is free.

It offers a complete Auto Trader Software. It permits to auto trade and trade manually on several crypto brokers.

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